Gallery 4
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DeWayne and Debbie (1995)
Darrell with sisters, Liz and Donna (2004)
Carrying on the "family tradition" Debbie's son Don (above) and daughter, Laura (below) (1987)
Where did the years go? Don and Laura (2006)
Darrell and Debbie Promo Shot (1983)
People tell the family they look so much alike, but they don't see it.
Top row: Dave Edwards, Darrell, Terry Blackwood, Greg
Bottom row: David Edwards, Kyer, Alden in Gatlinburg
Darrell, DeWayne, Debbie, son Don, daughter Laura, Grandma, Donna, Liz and Grandpa Toney (2006)
Jim and Dorothy Toney (Dave's parents)
Betty, Corine, Kyer and Alden Toney
Darrell, Kyer, Debbie, Jim and Dave Toney
Greg, Sharon and daughter Aubree
Family reunion, Dave with baby Claire - enjoying the pickin' and singin'
Darrell with Deb's daughter Laura and Greg's daughter Aubree
Top row: Kyer, Darrell and Greg Bottom row: Alden, Debbie and Greg's wife, Sharon
Grandpa "Pop" Toney looking at a new record release in 1971
Toney Brothers and Sons
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David with his parents and brothers Jeff and Jarred. (2007)
David with his wife, Bev, and their family Claire and Alex
Alden and Betty Toney celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary with their family (August 2007)